o r c h e s t r a l …

An Exciting Day (2019)
written for the Orchestra Dream Seoungbuk 7′
premiered 08/10/19 Seoul, Korea, conductor – Jintak Moon (no relation)

Cosmic Tapestry (2017)
inspired by Xenobia Bailey’s “Cosmic Tapestry 2′

Beginnings (2013)
written for the Nassau Community College Orchestra 8’30”
premiered 12/10/13, conductor – Harry Marenstein

In Transit (2005)
orchestrated version of piano solo 9′

b a n d …

Presque Isle (2016)
commissioned by Penn State Behrend Concert Band 6’30”
conductor – Dr. Gary Viebranz

Glenhill (2015)

Lascaux (2014)
commissioned by the Fieldston School Band 5′

c h a m b e r …

Freedom Dreaming (2024)
flute, clarinet, bassoon 6′
written for Sugar Hill Salon

Friendships (2023)
piano, violin, viola, cello 5′

Awakening (2023)
soprano, clarinet, cello & piano 10′
text by Caitlin Johnstone
written for RAM

Red&Blue/Zippy (2020/2023)
piano duet 3′

Wandering (2022)
clarinet, cello, piano 8′
written for RAM

Commercial MMcl & Commercial MMc (2021)
clarinet/piano & cello/piano 1’20 each
written for upcoming commercial

Elegy (2021)
viola & piano 3’30
written for Liuh-Wen Ting & Barbara Podgurski

Magical Mist (2021)
flute, violin, cello, piano 2′
commissioned by BridgeMusik

At Peace (2019)
soprano, viola, violin 3′
commissioned by Music Kitchen

Oh, Joy! (2019)
soprano & chamber ensemble 3′
written for All Together A Global Ode to Joy

Mystery Game/Sunny Day (2017)
brass quintet 5’30”
commissioned by the Bloomingdale School of Music

Miriam’s Dance (2016)
flute & percussion 3′

Play! (2016)
percussion quartet with audience participation 3’15”

Conversations & Coda (2015)
saxophone & guitar 6’15”
commissioned by Duo Montagnard

And There Was Morning (2015)
flute, viola & piano 14’
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

Again (2012)
violin & piano 4’

The Curious Engine
piano with young audience participation 3’
written for Orli Shaham and Baby Got Bach

cello & piano 11’
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

Dragonfly (2010)
viola, clarinet, piano 4’
written for Piaclava

Duo (2009)
flute & piano 4’
commissioned by the New Jersey Music Teachers Association

double bass & piano 2’
commissioned by Basso Moderno Duo

B.A.C.H. (2007)
string quartet 2’
written for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Dinner is West (2005)
violin, cello, piano 17′
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

A Collage of Memories 
violin & piano 10′
commissioned by Patricia Davis

Wind Quintet
written for members of the Beata Moon Ensemble 11′

Vignettes (2003/04)
electric guitar & piano 5′ 30
commissioned by Kevin Gallagher

Curved Air (2003)
brass trio 7′
commissioned by Curvd Aire

Movement for String Quartet (2002)
written for the Barbad Chamber Orchestra 5′

Fission (2001)
for large chamber ensemble 12′
premiered at Miller Theatre on 2/22/02, conductor – Sarah Ioannides

Three Movements (2001)
for 2 sopranos, string orchestra, piano 11′
dedicated to Barton M. and Judith L. Biggs

String Quartet (2000)
dedicated to Michael Patrick and Carol Sedwick 12′

Safari (2000)
marimba, percussion, flute, violin, piano 5′

A Silent Movie (2000)
The Sequel (years later abroad) (2000)
clarinet, violin 5′
for Alan and Karen

Moonpaths (1998)
clarinet, violin, piano 18′
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

Winter Sky (1996)
for Chin Kim 4′ 30
violin, piano

Mary (1996)
soprano, piano, violin, drum 10′
commissioned by Edward Hudaverdi and Frances Neale

Antelope Vamp (1996)
electric violin, vibraphone, percussion, piano 5′
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

s o l o – i n s t r u m e n t a l …

Mental States (2023)
piano 5′

I Wonder (2016)
piano 2’

Frenetic (2015)
dedicated to students, teachers, participants at Lincoln Center Education
piano 2’

Metamorphosis (2012)
piano 4’
commissioned by Stanley Wong

Rhapsody (2009)
piano 4’30
commissioned by the New Jersey Music Teachers Association

Rhumba (2009)  New Jersey Music Teachers Association
piano 2’

“create your own title” (2009)
for beginner piano 1’
commissioned by the New Jersey Music Teachers Association

Inter-Mez-Zo (2006)
piano 8’30

Piano Sonata (2006)
piano 16′

Wood, Water & Land (2006)
marimba 4’10
commissioned by Jane Boxall

The Secret 
piano 3’30

Guernica (2003)
piano 3’
Premiered April 11, 2003 at Capistrano Hall, Sacramento, CA.

Waves (2003)
commissioned for the Kaufman Center’s Lucy Moses School’s 50th anniversary 2′
for beginner-intermediate piano

1,2,3 (2002)
commissioned by Brian Sacawa 7′

Illusions (2000)
commissioned by Makoto Nakura 6′

Toccata (2000)
piano 2’30

In Transit (1999)
piano 7’30

Submerged (1999)
piano 3’30

Sweet (1999)
theatrical piece for unaccompanied cello 7′
inspired by Bill Irwin & David Shiner in “Fool Moon”

Piano Fantasy (1998)
piano 5′

Nursery (1996)
piano 2′
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

Prelude (1995)
piano 4′
commissioned by SENSEDANCE

v o c a l …

March in New England (2022)
mezzo-soprano & piano 2′
commissioned by Laurie for Matthew

Where Do We Go From Here? (2021)
soprano, french horn, piano 6′
commissioned by the Astoria Music Project

Invisible (2021)
voice & piano 2′

For Humanity’s Sake (2020/21)
spoken word & piano 2′
written for “Voices of Hope” series at Carnegie Hall

VOTE! (2020)
written to motivate people to vote

At Peace (2019)
text by homeless shelter client
soprano, violin, viola, cello
commissioned by Music Kitchen, premiered at Carnegie Hall

Climate Justice (2019)
text inspired from the children’s choir of St. Michael’s Church
Habitat Home written for children’s choir with piano
premiered 10/20/19, conductor – Dusty Francis

Every Truth (2019)
text using quotes from Sojourner Truth, Lucretia Mott, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth C. Stanton
2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos with piano
premiered at the Albany Symphony American Music Festival

Her Path (2018)
lyrics by Tamara Horton
written for & inspired by the girls at Studio Samuel

Equality (2017)
lyrics by Beata Moon
2 sopranos with piano
commissioned by Lindsay Blackhurst

Union Square (2017)
poem by Emily Dickinson
SATB a cappella
commissioned by The Manhattan Choral Ensemble
premiered 3/11/17

Time to Reflect (2015)
poem by Claire Lind
voice with piano
in honor of our Mutti, Claire Lind

Never Give Up (2008)
lyrics by Beata Moon & David Jacoby
voice & piano or instrumental accompaniment 2’30”

Insomnia Tips (2008)
SATB with clarinet 6’30
text taken from Mick Winter’s Insomnia Tips
commissioned by Cantori New York

2 Shakespeare Sonnets (2007) as the waves…
….baritone with piano 2’

….let me not to the marriage…
….baritone with piano 2’

We Remember Them (2006)
text taken from Yom Kippur prayer 3’20
SATB a cappella
commissioned by Hope and Daniel Zimmerman in memory of Joann Magnus

Dickinson Songs (2006)
voice, guitar 6’20
commissioned by Patrick Durek and Nick Hay

Keepers of Democracy (2004)
speaking pianist, piano, toy piano 5’30
text excerpted from Eleanor Roosevelt’s speech
commissioned by Tom Rosenkranz

The Lady Apple (2004)
text by poet Sanjana Nair
soprano, piano, cello 8′
premiered as part of CCi festival 8/04

The Beatitudes (2003)
for Jay Moon 2′
baritone with piano 

Do Not Worry (2003)
dedicated to Susie & Bob Case 2′
SATB a cappella

We Are One (2003)
children’s choir 2’

Roll Call in Blue Heaven (2002)
words and chorus by Joe Montelione 4′
written by Joe in dedication to his friends & colleagues who perished 9/11

Mahsul (2001)
for actor, piano, percussion 11′
text by poet Nadine Mozon
premiered as part of CCi festival 8/01
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? (2000)
soprano, baritone with piano 2′

From Your Eyes (1999)
baritone with piano, text by Korean poet Sokchong Shin 2′

Welcome! (1999)
SATB, Christmas carol with audience participation 2′

3 Songs for my Parents (1996)
....John 3:16
….baritone with piano 2′

….I Corinthians:13
….soprano, baritone with piano 3′

….Psalm 121
….soprano with piano 2′

It’s O.K. to be Me! (1992)
children’s song 2′