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American Composer: Beata Moon by Kyle Gann





“Criticise this disc because it runs for under an hour but the music assuredly pleases: a tirelessly sincere and touching combination of song, drama and dance.” – Rob Barnett

Musicweb International

“Composer Beata Moon…writes music with the elusive combination of simplicity and originality.” – James Manheim

All Music Guide

“Moon writes in an accessible style that combines post-romantic sensibilities with contemporary (if not necessarily classical) rhythmic and melodic gestures. As the works on Saros show, it’s a powerful combination.”

Off Topic’d

“Varied in scoring, from traditional piano trio to marimba solo, the selections draw one in, keep one engaged, and never, ever, try one’s patience or waste one’s time. Sprightly in rhythm and generous with melody, the music calls to mind the late composer Lou Harrison’s statement that music is basically ‘a song and a dance.'”

John Montanari, Music Director of New England Public Radio

Musicians performing on the Saros CD include:
Arash Amini cello
Cyrus Beroukhim violin
Patricia Davis violin
Patrick Durek guitar
Benjamin Fingland clarinet
Lisa Flanagan soprano
Jessica Meyer viola
Wai-Chi Tang marimba

“What is most startling is the pervading confidence. Most composers spin their efforts in the tonal sphere ironically or self-consciously. Moon writes compelling music that is utterly sincere – no hip or academic filter needed…this disc is exhibit A in the continuing court-of-public-opinion case on the accessibility of quality new music.” – Andrew Druckenbrod


“Ms Moon performs her own works here, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else bringing such near-surgical exactness and feints of keen emotion to these wonderful pieces. You won’t find anyone’s influence here, but you do get a glimpse of everything and everyone she’s ever studied, living and dead… So here is a collection of finely performed and intellectually (and emotionally) stimulating works for contemporary piano. I liked this quite a lot and will return to it often.” – Cook

American Record Guide

“Her pluralistic style is not easy to pigeonhole but the idiom is attractive. Within concise forms she uses plenty of material and composes for her instrument imaginatively.” – Patrick C Waller

MusicWeb International

“The music, all of it well-crafted and pianistic…” – Jerry Bowles


“…a contemporary composer who is really going places…”

On An Overgrown Path

“Fresh sounds from an open-eared young composer who blends familiar ingredients (Copland, Bartók, a pinch of minimalism, even an unexpected touch of rock) into a personal, immediately recognizable recipe for sonic pleasure. Start with Illusions, an ear-tickling marimba solo, and see if it doesn’t lure you into the tent.

Terry Teachout

“A composer of many facets: populist, jazzy, bleak, modernistic, minimalist. She has it in her to grip the listener…” Rob Barnett 

MusicWeb International

“For the cuisine challenged, Moon’s cleverly titled label, BiBimBop Records, is not an homage to Dizzy Gillespie but rather a nod to her Korean Heritage. Spicy!” Frank Oteri – New Music Box

“Moon has greatly expanded her sonic world with pieces for solo alto saxophone and marimba, an electric guitar/piano duo, voices, and, most impressively, a charming String Quartet…”Jerry Bowles


Musicians performing on the Earthshine CD include:
Michael Jinsoo Lim – violin, Lina Bahn – violin, Melia Watras – viola, Jeffrey Zeigler – cello
Julianne Borg – soprano
Nmon Ford – baritone
Kevin Gallagher– electric guitar
Makoto Nakura – marimba
Brian Sacawa – saxophone
Tara Helen O’Conner, flute, Jacqueline Leclair, oboe, Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet, Ann Ellsworth, french horn, Laura Koepke, bassoon

ideas that should encourage this young composer and her colleagues to do more–much more. I for one look forward to their next collaboration.” -David Vernier


“in Perigee and Apogee, Beata Moon seems to have achieved something classical composers can almost never do: compile a CD collection out of separate pieces that is as satisfying as a coherent album.” – David Lewis

All Music Guide

Musicians performing on the Perigee & Apogee CD include:
Tom Chiu – violin
David Fedele – flute
Alan R. Kay – clarinet
Chin Kim – violin
Thomas Kolor – percussion
Joan LaBarbara – soprano
Danny Mallon – percussion
Karen Marx – violin